I love you so much...
I'm giving you Swine Flu for Christmas!

Isn't it cute?  The one on the left, that is.  That's the one I'm giving for Christmas!  The one on the right is kinda creepy.

The cute one is a part of one of the funniest gift ideas out there - Giant Microbes!  They're cuddly, fuzzy renditions of the germs, viruses, bacteria, and cells that surround us every day.  Some are good to have handy (brain cells!  One can never have too many of those things!), some are fun (but did I really want to add another dust mite to this house?), and some are just plain scary (Typhoid!  Black Death!  Pimples!).  All Giant Microbes come with an educational booklet that includes a picture of the real critter.  Freaky!

Give with a healthy dose of laughter.