Store-wide Discounts are getting even better at LagoonaMagoo in Fairview Heights!

The Store Closing Sale at LagoonaMagoo Toys in Fairview Heights Continues!

And we absotively, posilutely, no doubt about it gotta get this place emptied.  So to help that happen, we're offering even better discounts store-wide.

There are lots of items marked as low as 50% off, too.  We don't want to pack, move, or store any of this.  So come buy it pleeeeeeeze!

And fixtures.  We've got gobs of fixtures for sale, too.  Preschools?  Daycare centers? You know you need some new ways to store those toys & games.  Come by and ... er ... Buy!

If you haven't seen the letter explaining why we need to close our Fairview Heights location, you can read it here:  LagoonaMagoo in Fairview Heights Closing Letter



Goodbye Fairview Heights LagoonaMagoo Sale Starts Today

The store closing sale has started--  Check it out!

LagoonaMagoo Toys in Fairview Heights and Once Upon a Toy in Edwardsville (which isn't going anywhere!) are both offering sale pricing.  It's in time to stretch your holiday budget.  It's also a good bet that stock will fly out the door.  So shop early!

LagoonaMagoo Toys in Fairview Heights, IL is located at 6308 North Illinois (aka hwy 159) - that's right next to McDonalds.  If you have any questions, feel free to give 'em a call:  (618) 628-9270

And, not to be forgotten, Once Upon a Toy in Edwardsville has discounts, too!

Once Upon a Toy in Edwardsville, IL is located at 2460 Troy Rd (aka hwy 159).  If you want to call, the phone number is:  (618) 656-9596

Please Note:  Due to the nature of this sale, ALL SALES ARE FINAL - NO RETURNS ACCEPTED.
Sale pricing is good on in-stock items only, sorry no rainchecks.  Discounting does not apply to prior purchases, special orders, or layaway.  The discounting is not extended to our website or our Clayton location.

Thank you again to everyone for their kind words and support as we make this difficult change.  We have, beyond a doubt, some of the best customers in the world!


Big News about our Fairview Heights LagoonaMagoo Toys

So maybe you've heard by now, maybe you haven't.  Here's the scoop:

We have decided to close our  Fairveiw Heights LagoonaMagoo Toys.

This is a decision we have really struggled with.  We've worked really hard to make this location a success.  Unfortunately, we've reached a point where we have to accept the sad fact that it isn't.  It isn't profitable.  The operating costs are too high.  And for the good of our other stores, we need to say goodbye to our Fairview Heights location.  We've mailed out a letter to most of our IL customers.  If you would like to read it, you can find it here:  Fairview Heights LagoonaMagoo Toys Closing

So today, Dec. 10, LagoonaMagoo Toys in Fairview Heights and Once Upon a Toy are both closed.  We're getting everything ready to start a massive sale at both of these locations.  Starting on Tuesday, Dec. 11th, you'll find discounts on everything store-wide at both of our Illinois stores.

The sale at LagoonaMagoo Toys in Fairview Heights and at Once Upon a Toy in Edwardsville will let us raise some much needed cash.  So help us close out this location and end 2012 on a high-note.  With your help and your purchases, we can ensure that the Happy Up stores will continue in good health for our children and yours.

Tomorrow, we'll post more info for you on what sorts of discounts you'll find at our Illinois stores.

Thank you all for your support and well-wishes.

PS--  If you need some Happy Up in your day, our Clayton location is open today and ready to greet you!


Reindeer and Santa time!

Once again, we're thrilled that Santa and his reindeer will visit our stores.  Bring the little ones by to get a unique Christmas photo and the chance to meet real reindeer!

Sure, there are lots of places to visit Santa, but how many of them include a sleigh and real reindeer?  Not many.  These special visitors have come to our stores every year for many many years.  It's a treasured part of our Holiday celebration and hope it will become part of yours, too!

Once Upon a Toy in Edwardsville, IL:
1530 Troy Rd.
Edwardsville, IL  62025
(618) 656-9596

December 14th & 15th -  early afternoon (1pm-ish) to 6pm

LagoonaMagoo Toys in Clayton, MO:
8107 Maryland Ave
St. Louis, MO  63105
(314) 725-2455

December 9th - 10am(ish) - 3pm
December 17th & 18th  - Early afternoon (1pm-ish?) to 6pm
December 23rd - 10am(ish) - 3pm

Sorry, no reindeer visits are currently scheduled for LagoonaMagoo Toys in Fairview Heights.  If that changes, we'll let you know!


If you are tight on time or traveling to see the reindeer & Santa, we encourage you to call ahead.  While they do their best to be at our stores on time, traffic, reindeer needs, and other reasons (usually weather related) can make them run late or need to shorten their visits.

We hope everyone is having a fabulous Holiday Season!

See you soon!


Grand Opening Party for LagoonaMagoo Toys in Clayton

Join us on Saturday, October 27th
from 11am - 3pm
for a Grand Opening Celebration
in honor of our newest
LagoonaMagoo Toys location!

We've cooked up all sorts of goodness for the day. We'll have awesome airbrush facepainting, pumpkin painting for the kiddies, and lots of toys and games ready for you to try. We're also doing loads of give-aways and prizes!

You'll find us at 8107 Maryland Ave., St. Louis MO 63105

We can't wait to see you there!


LagoonaMagoo Toys comes to Clayton!

We are thrilled beyond belief to announce our return to Missouri!
As many of you know, we've been looking and looking for a good home for our Missouri LagoonaMagoo Toys. And we finally found one! Nestled in close to all those big buildings on Maryland Ave., you'll find us and our little outpost of silliness and Happy Up hijinks. We're loving this spot and are really enjoying meeting so many new people.

Clayton's new LagoonaMagoo Toys,
with a front window all spiffed up and looking pretty!
Between 4 and 8 pm this evening and tomorrow night (Friday, 10/12 & Saturday, 10/13) stop by for an Open House. You can even make it a date night activity 'cause there are gobs of really great restaurants just a stone's throw from our door.

But the big doings will be on Oct. 27 when we have our Grand Opening Celebration. Stay tuned for more about that as we put the details together.

We're really looking forward to meeting more of our new neighbors and saying hello to some old friends at our Open House tonight!

Click through to see the facebook album: LagoonaMagoo Toys, Clayton!
And here's a link to our location on Google maps: Map of LagoonaMagoo Toys, Clayton

See you soon!


Kindermusik Playdates come to LagoonaMagoo Toys!

You've asked, and we're delighted to say yes! We are now hosting Kindermusik Playdates at our Fairview Heights LagoonaMagoo Toys. The very first one will be this Friday. Here's the schedule for LagoonaMagoo Toys:

  • Friday, Sept. 14 at 11am - Leaves in the Wind
  • Friday, Oct. 12 at 11am - It's Cold Outside
  • Friday, Nov. 9 at 11am - Thankfullness
  • Friday, Dec. 7 at 11am - Jingle Jangle
In case you aren't sure where LagoonaMagoo Toys is located, you can find us at 6308 N. Illinois (aka hwy 159), Fairview Heights IL  62208.  You can reach the playful peeps at the store at (618) 628-9270

If you want to attend, fill out the registration form and turn it in with your class fee at LagoonaMagoo Toys.

Registration forms and more info available here or in the store:
Kindermusik Playdate Registration Form
Kindermusik Playdate Description

Oh! I almost forgot - We've added a 2nd session to the Playdates at Once Upon a Toy, too. You can see the full schedule here: Kindermusik Playdate Schedule At Once Upon a Toy and LagoonaMagoo Toys


Wa-hoo! We Made It!

Thank You for your Votes!
We made it to the next level!

We want to thank each and every one of you who voted for us at Mission Small Business. We made it over the 250 mark before the deadline, so we are in the running for one of the twelve $250,000 grants. We couldn't have done it you.

The winners of the grants will be announced mid-September.  So keep your fingers crossed for us!



Vote for Once Upon a Toy & LagoonaMagoo Toys!

We Need Your Help!
We've thrown our hat in the ring to win one of 12 small business grants awarded through Chase and Living Social.  To advance to the next level, we need 250 votes by June 30th.

To reach the 250 votes, here's what we need you to do:

1.  Go to  https://www.missionsmallbusiness.com/
2.  click "login & support"
3.  search for Once Upon a Toy or LagoonaMagoo Toys
4.  click to vote!

If you really want to help us out, share your vote with your friends by clicking on the facebook, twitter, or email icons.  The grants are worth $250,000 and we can definitely do great things with a pile of cash that big!

After you've voted for us, search by city/town and see what other businesses are needing a vote.  You can support as many businesses as you want, so spread the love to all your local, independent, fun, funky, and fabulous businesses that make your hometown a good place to live.

What will we do with the grant money?  That is what Giant Chickies dream about--

Thanks in advance for your help!


Melissa & Doug Showcase Launch!

Hey!  Come Play!

On June 16, LagoonaMagoo Toys will officially unveil our new display area dedicated to showcasing Melissa & Doug products.  With over 1200 square feet of space, LagoonaMagoo Toys will be offering the largest variety of Melissa & Doug products in stock in the bi-state area, possibly the entire planet!

So why would LagoonaMagoo Toys give so much space to one toy manufacturer? 

Melissa and Doug, two real people with an idea to design wooden toys for a new generation, created their company in 1988.  Working out of Doug’s parents’ garage, they built their company into one of the most recognizable toy manufacturers in the US.  As they’ve grown, they’ve never lost sight of some key values:  1)  Toys should be well-made and sturdy.  2)  Their customers, whether retailer or consumer, are top priority.  3)  Classic doesn’t mean stodgy.  Their products offer great quality, value, and imagination.

A favorite brand with parents, educators, and kids, Melissa & Doug produce a huge range of products.  Among their offerings are classic stacking blocks, puzzles, food playsets, dolls, dress-up costumes, art kits, vehicles, skill-builder boards, and so much more!  Because our customers love the products, and because we have faith in Melissa & Doug, we are excited to create a unique retail experience for our customers.  Not only will LagoonaMagoo Toys be offering a huge selection of in-stock Melissa & Doug items, we will also have items from every category open and available to play with.  Our friendly hands-on, do-play environment gives our customers the opportunity to discover the best toys and games for their family and friends.

Join us on Saturday, June 16 from 11am - 2pm to help us launch our Melissa & Doug showcase.  Beyond our usual playful shopping experience, we will have activities and give away some fabulous attendance prizes.  You could take home an activity basket chocked full of craft sets, outdoor toys, skill builders, or even a giant 4’ tall stuffed giraffe!  As always, our friendly toy experts will be ready to help you find the best toys for the playful people in your life.  This will be a great day to experience the friendliest and most playful toy store in Fairview Heights, IL.  Don’t forget to bring your camera for a photo with our beloved Giant Chicken!

LagoonaMagoo Toys is located at 6308 North Illinois (aka Hwy 159), Fairview Heights IL, 62208.   The phone number is:  (618) 628-9270


Kindermusik Playdate! Whoo-hoo!

Have you heard?  Once Upon a Toy is hosting a monthly series of Kindermusik Playdates!

Ellen Singh, the Kindermusik Instructor who has led our Jam Sessions, is conducting these themed playdate classes for us.  You can see the complete schedule for 2012 here:  Kindermusik Playdate Schedule at Once Upon a Toy in Edwardsville, IL

The first of the Kindermusik playdates is on May 3rd at 10am.  The theme for the May class is "Animals are Everywhere".

You can find more information about Kindermusik Playdates in this pdf:
Kindermusik Playdate Description

The registration form is in this pdf:
Kindermusik Playdate Registration
Turn in the form and your class fee at Once Upon a Toy in Edwardsville. If you forget your form, they have them available in the store, too.

Can't wait to see you there!


Our St. Louis Mills Location is now Closed.

It feels like an era has ended.  But it also opens up the door to some new possibilities.  We're looking for a good location for the Missouri LagoonaMagoo Toys.  We hope to be announcing the when and where the new location will open by this fall.  In the mean time, we hope you'll find your way across the river to one of Illinois stores.

Once Upon a Toy:
2460 Troy Rd
Edwardsville, IL  62025
(618) 656-9596
Once Upon a Toy on Google Maps

LagoonaMagoo Toys:
6308 N. Illinois (aka hwy 159)
Fairview Heights, IL  62208
(618) 628-9270
LagoonaMagoo Toys on Google Maps

We know there are many of you with gift certificates and store credit.  They're still good and will be honored at the Illinois stores, no problemo.  If you aren't able to get to the IL side of the river, we may be able to ship something to you.  Just call Once Upon a Toy at (618) 656-9596 to make arrangements.

And, as always, you can keep up with the Happy Up Happenings on our facebook page, here on our blog, or by subscribing to our email list (just use the box in the sidebar).

Exciting Update!
Our Missouri LagoonaMagoo Toys is now open in Clayton.
If you have store credits or gift certificates left over from our St. Louis Mills location, you can always redeem them at our new location.  You can find us at:
LagoonaMagoo Toys
8107 Maryland Ave.
St. Louis, MO  63105
(314) 725-2455
LagoonaMagoo Toys, Clayton on Google Maps


Tick Tock Time is Running Out!

This is it... the final weekend of our St. Louis Mills LagoonaMagoo Toys location. Today (Saturday 2/25) and tomorrow (Sunday 2/26) will be your last chance to shop and get some great deals.

Everything marked down - 
Many items at least 50% off; some as low as 75%! 

Fixtures!  We're even selling off some of the fixtures!

To stay updated on when and where we will re-open the Missouri LagoonaMagoo Toys, be sure you're signed up for our email newsletter.  Sign up box is over there in the sidebar.

See you soon!


Big News about St. Louis Mills LagoonaMagoo Toys

Hey folks!
If you aren't on our email list (and why not???  use the box at the sidebar to sign up) you may not have seen our announcement regarding our St. Louis Mills LagoonaMagoo Toys location.  Here's the letter from Shawnta', our fearless leader:

Dear friends--
We have some news.  And it’s big news.  

After much thought and consideration, we’ve decided to consolidate our stores.  So what does that really mean?  We will be shuttering our LagoonaMagoo Toys location at the St. Louis Mills at the end of February.  

Let me stress that
LagoonaMagoo Toys in Fairview Heights, IL and Once Upon a Toy in Edwardsville, IL aren’t going anywhere!  They’re open and thriving and eager to see you stop by for a visit.

We are currently considering where to reopen the Missouri LagoonaMagoo Toys.  We’ve looked at several locations and haven’t found the right spot yet.  As soon as we do, we’ll let you know!  Our goal is to be settled into a new location and open again in the fall.

Long story short:  
come buy our stuff!  We don’t want to pack and move everything.  We’re even getting rid of some of the fixtures!  

Starting with the Presidents’ Day Sale (Feb. 17-20) at the St. Louis Mills, LagoonaMagoo Toys will be sporting some hefty discounts!  Please remember, the sale pricing is good *only* at the St. Louis Mills LagoonaMagoo Toys, and all sales are final.

We want to thank everyone who has come to visit, play, and shop with us at the St. Louis Mills LagoonaMagoo Toys.  We hope you’ll find your way across the river to see us at our Illinois stores until we have a Missouri location open again.

Play On!


Inventory Day for Once Upon a Toy

One little bitty white rat, two little bitty white rats, three little bitty white rats...  You get the idea.  So we can count everything in the place, Once Upon a Toy in Edwardsville is closed today (01/09). 

And to keep y'all happy and busy while we're busy counting, we've posted the first pic of our Count It Up contest on our facebook page.  Swing by to see and guess:  http://www.facebook.com/HappyUpInc

Complete rules for our contest are posted in this note:  Year 2 Count it Up Contest Rules

Good luck!

ps...  tomorrow is inventory day for LagoonaMagoo Toys in Fairview Heights.