Help us spread some love, just in time for Valentine's Day!

Last weekend, the Pearson family of O'Fallon, IL family lost their home in a fire.  You can read more about their situation and what happened here:  Boy tried to put out O'Fallon fire with milk

LagoonaMagoo Toys in Fairview Heights, IL is sponsoring a toy drive to help refill Dylan and Zayden Pearson's toy boxes.  Dylan, who is 6, and Zayden, 1, are both in that sweet-spot of child development where their toys are incredibly real.  The real and the imaginary are nearly the same thing in their minds.  Losing all of their belongings is a huge blow to children of this age.  It wobbles their stability and can set them emotionally adrift.  We can't change what has happened, but we can help them heal and reform connections to their pretend-world. 

Dylan's school, Marie Schaefer Elementary in O'Fallon, IL has been collecting donations for the family.  They have received a wealth of clothes, toys, and household items.  The generosity shown by the community is truly heartwarming.  We are asking our customers to show just a bit more love and generosity to the family.  We want to give the Pearson boys a chance to choose--  to find and form connections to toys that appeal to them.  They didn't choose to lose their home.  They didn't choose to lose their toys.  We want to give them choices again.  We want to help the boys actively participate in reforming their sense of "normal."

To make that happen, the Fairview Heights LagoonaMagoo is asking folks to mention Dylan or Zayden when they make a purchase between Feb. 1st and 13th.  We will give the family a gift certificate worth 20% of the purchases made in their name during this time period. 

Help us spread some love to Dylan and Zayden!


Shake the Winter Blahs!

Personally?  I'm *desperately* tired of these gray, rainy, foggy, what-happened-to-the-sun kinds of days!  So if we can't have the sun, I'll take sunny dispositions and light-hearted fun!  To help make that happen, your favorite toys stores (LagoonaMagoo & Once Upon a Toy) are having a surprise sale this weekend. 

Starting on Friday, Jan. 22 (gasp!  hey!  that's today!) and continuing on Saturday, Jan. 23, you'll find discounts and deals store wide.  LagoonaMagoo at St. Louis Mills will be offering the sale prices on Sunday, too.  Don't wait, 'cause regular prices return on Monday, Jan. 25!

Of special note:  Extra deep discounts on all Mighty World play sets & vehicles still on our shelves!
We're making space for new toys, so Mighty World has got to go.  Get them while you can!

See ya this weekend!


Inventory time!

one cool bouncy ball...  two cool bouncy balls...  three! three cool bouncy balls!  ah-ha-ha-ha! 

Our stores will be closed on the following dates for inventory:

LagoonaMagoo in Fairview Heights:  Monday, Jan. 11
Lagoona Magoo at St. Louis Mills Mall:  Wed. & Thurs, Jan 13 & 14


Happy New Year!

Big plans and big schemes and big fun is being plotted for 2010!  Stay tuned for further updates!