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We Need Your Help!
We've thrown our hat in the ring to win one of 12 small business grants awarded through Chase and Living Social.  To advance to the next level, we need 250 votes by June 30th.

To reach the 250 votes, here's what we need you to do:

1.  Go to  https://www.missionsmallbusiness.com/
2.  click "login & support"
3.  search for Once Upon a Toy or LagoonaMagoo Toys
4.  click to vote!

If you really want to help us out, share your vote with your friends by clicking on the facebook, twitter, or email icons.  The grants are worth $250,000 and we can definitely do great things with a pile of cash that big!

After you've voted for us, search by city/town and see what other businesses are needing a vote.  You can support as many businesses as you want, so spread the love to all your local, independent, fun, funky, and fabulous businesses that make your hometown a good place to live.

What will we do with the grant money?  That is what Giant Chickies dream about--

Thanks in advance for your help!


Melissa & Doug Showcase Launch!

Hey!  Come Play!

On June 16, LagoonaMagoo Toys will officially unveil our new display area dedicated to showcasing Melissa & Doug products.  With over 1200 square feet of space, LagoonaMagoo Toys will be offering the largest variety of Melissa & Doug products in stock in the bi-state area, possibly the entire planet!

So why would LagoonaMagoo Toys give so much space to one toy manufacturer? 

Melissa and Doug, two real people with an idea to design wooden toys for a new generation, created their company in 1988.  Working out of Doug’s parents’ garage, they built their company into one of the most recognizable toy manufacturers in the US.  As they’ve grown, they’ve never lost sight of some key values:  1)  Toys should be well-made and sturdy.  2)  Their customers, whether retailer or consumer, are top priority.  3)  Classic doesn’t mean stodgy.  Their products offer great quality, value, and imagination.

A favorite brand with parents, educators, and kids, Melissa & Doug produce a huge range of products.  Among their offerings are classic stacking blocks, puzzles, food playsets, dolls, dress-up costumes, art kits, vehicles, skill-builder boards, and so much more!  Because our customers love the products, and because we have faith in Melissa & Doug, we are excited to create a unique retail experience for our customers.  Not only will LagoonaMagoo Toys be offering a huge selection of in-stock Melissa & Doug items, we will also have items from every category open and available to play with.  Our friendly hands-on, do-play environment gives our customers the opportunity to discover the best toys and games for their family and friends.

Join us on Saturday, June 16 from 11am - 2pm to help us launch our Melissa & Doug showcase.  Beyond our usual playful shopping experience, we will have activities and give away some fabulous attendance prizes.  You could take home an activity basket chocked full of craft sets, outdoor toys, skill builders, or even a giant 4’ tall stuffed giraffe!  As always, our friendly toy experts will be ready to help you find the best toys for the playful people in your life.  This will be a great day to experience the friendliest and most playful toy store in Fairview Heights, IL.  Don’t forget to bring your camera for a photo with our beloved Giant Chicken!

LagoonaMagoo Toys is located at 6308 North Illinois (aka Hwy 159), Fairview Heights IL, 62208.   The phone number is:  (618) 628-9270