Tilted - made it happen, got the T-shirt!

You know you want one!

In honor of the moment the crowdtilt fundraiser Tilted, we have T-shirts! They're available in the stores or on our website.  Sizes are:
  • Children's small, medium, & large.
  • Adult Sm, Med, Lg, XL

Call to reserve yours at the store:
Once Upon a Toy in Edwardsville:  (618) 656-9596
LagoonaMagoo Toys in Clayton:  (314) 725-2455

If you want a ladies' fitted shirt or need an extended size larger than XL, please drop us an email for further instructions: help (at) happyupinc.com

Thank you again to everyone who helped tip us over the edge!

Avant Gardens Gift Certificate Goes to...

As some of you may remember, Avant-Gardens made a wonderful offer to those donating to the crowdtilt fundraiser - Whoever in Madison County gave the most, would get a gift certificate that would cover some of the labor for a landscaping project.  We are delighted to say that faithful toy store supporter Andi Smith, recently released from her role as Beyond Timbuktu owner, has been awarded the certificate!  We hope that Andi, with the help of Avant Gardens, will get a fabulous outdoor space to spend her luxuriously empty schedule.

Thank you again to Avant Gardens for their support.  If anyone would like more info about them, please visit their website:  http://www.agl4u.com/index.html

Play on!