What We Couldn't Resist from Toy Fair Part 3

These are just way too cool! The Hexbug Nanos have arrived!

These were one of the top toys for this year's toy fair. Grownups and kids can't resist them. So how do they work? From the Hexbug website: "The motor inside the Nano rotates a counterweight that causes forces up and down. The down force causes the legs to bend and the Nano moves forward. The up force causes the creature to hop lifting the front legs off the ground and allowing the legs to unbend. This up and down movement repeats several hundred times per second causing the Nano to move forward. The Nano creature's ability to flip over by itself is due to the rotating forces caused by the motor and the unique internal and external chassis design (and a little magic)." Didja follow that? Watch the video-- You can see how their rapid bouncing creates a forward movement.

So what do you do with them? You can create mazes and habitats for your Nano to navigate-- to get started, there is a set that comes with a few pieces and a Hexbug Nano. And you can easily expand beyond the starter set by using items in your home already. They happily bounce and skitter around obstacles. Get more than one and race. Create entire swarms!

When you're considering itty bitty bots, don't forget the Original Hexbug-- it responds to sound as well as touch. It's realistic walking motion is fascinating. The kind of fascinating that stops grown men in their tracks and reduces them to 10yr old boys.

And the Hexbug Ant is just as cool, too-- and super fast! With 6 gear-driven legs, this little guy is the speed-demon of the bunch.

I predict we will be overtaken by the bots very soon! Resistance is futile!

ps-- check it out: the links go to our new website. Isn't it just tooooo coooool?  And so y'all know, we are no longer taking orders through our old website, onceuponatoyinc.com.  So please change your bookmarks to http://www.happyupinc.com/.  What hasn't changed is our commitment to customer service & supporting all the playful folk in our communities!  So pass the word!


LagoonaMagoo @ the St. Louis Mills Mall Family Game Night!

Wondering what to do with the family on a Friday night?  Wonder no longer!  LagoonaMagoo Toys at the St. Louis Mills Mall is now hosting a family game night.  Come and play your favorite game or learn a new one.  For more information, give the playful people at the store a phone call at (314) 227-5335

Games start at 6:30 and run until 8:30, every Friday.
Here is the schedule for March and the beginning of April:

  • March 19:  Quiddler (ages 8 - Adult) - Played in rounds, Quiddler is a card game that asks you to think about how to spell short words while racking up the most points with the letters in your hands.  Addictively fun and quick to play, Quiddler is sure to become a favorite!

  • March 26:  Qwirkle (ages 6 - Adult) - Qwirkle is a board game that combines strategy & matching skills.  Match based on color or shape (or both for big points!) to score and win.  The difficulty level of Qwirkle is influenced by the skills of the players. 

  • April 2:  SET (ages 6 - Adult) - SET is a game that relies on your visual perceptions (shape, color, etc.) to create patterns & score.  Easy enough for youngsters, Set can be a challenge for the grown-ups who are used to looking at the world in one way, and one way only!