Clean Slate Sale Jan. 24th - 26th

We've finished inventory and we're clearing the decks for new stuff!

Jan. 24th - 26th we'll have selected items 50% - 75% off.   Our do-play policy and game nights tend to leave us with demo toys, games, and products with slightly ... crunchy boxes.  And this means great deals for you!

See us in Clayton or Edwardsville for great discounts on never-touched-totally-pristine toys, games, and more!  More sale details in our latest email:  Clean Slate Sale this Weekend!

Need help finding us?  Click through address information and maps!  http://happyupinc.com/locations

See you soon!


Changes to the old Once Upon a Toy storefront

Change at our old location.  Bittersweet, to say the least.
Yesterday, Jan. 22nd, we saw this happening at our old location.  We knew there would be a new resident in the space.  We knew they probably wouldn't want the leaky roof or the wonky windows or the awesome purpleness of the building.

So even though we knew it was going to happen, it was a bit of a shock to see workers removing parts of the building.

As far as we know the building isn't being torn down, it's being re-faced and de-whimsied.  Rumor has it that a mattress store will be moving in.  And that's about all we know about what's going on.

So even though we're sad to see this part of our history go through such a massive change, we want to assure everyone out in the world that we are OPEN and thriving in our new space.  The bright windows and high ceilings make our new Happy Up home a cheerful place, even on gloomy days.

If you haven't been into the new store, add us to your to-see list!  We promise that even with a new name, we're still everything you loved about Once Upon a Toy.  Come play come play!

6654-A Edwardsville Crossing Dr.
Edwardsville, IL  62025
(618) 656-9596

It happened again... sigh...

So it seems like every time things get busy, the blog gets abandoned.

Rosemary, who handles the online stuff, has put "KEEP THE BLOG CURRENT" at the top of her to-do list and pinky swears she will not lose focus and forget to update it again.

And of course we believe her.