Funloom Workshops at Happy Up Inc. in Edwardsville!

Funloom bracelets and necklaces are all the rage - and we know some of you are wanting a little bit of help.  No worries!  We've got you covered.

Starting on October 2nd, join us at Happy Up Inc. in Edwardsville at 4pm on Wednesdays for Funloom (aka Rainbow loom) workshops.  Bring your loom and loops, and any creations you want to show off.  Julie, Store Manager and Funloom aficionado, will demonstrate the addictive art of looping!

Mark your Calendars--
Wednesdays at 4pm
Happy Up Inc, Edwardsville
6654-A Edwardsville Crossing Dr.
Edwardsville, IL  62025
(618) 656-9596

See you there!


Crunching Numbers - The State of the Stores

Now that we've digested those yummy crunchy numbers...

We can update you on the state of the stores.

Many of you are asking. Some are wondering but haven't asked. And, considering the huge outpouring of support our communities gave us last March, we owe you an update on the state of the Happy Up stores.

The really really short-short answer:
Costs are down, sales are almost where we need them to be, but not quite. With your continued support through the Holiday season, we'll be able to serve you in 2014 and beyond.

The important take-away from this:
We need to end 2013 with a bang! If everyone joins together and spends $45 a month with us from now until the end of the year, you'll have great stuff to give all the playful people you know. And we'll be starting 2014 on the road to success.

To kick things off right, we're offering double-entries on your loyalty cards until Oct. 15th.

Want a longer answer to how we're doing? Read on.

Here's what we've been working on:

We've reduced expenses.
Moving our Edwardsville store from the beloved purple building to our new, window-wonderful spot near Dierbergs has been the most helpful.

We're expanding our customer base through:
1 - Outreach to new residents in the Edwardsville area, SIU-E students, and community involvement.
2 - Introducing our stores to expecting parents throughout the St. Louis area through The Bump magazine.
3 - Scheduling more happenings, like our game events, in venues other than schools.

We're changing our website.
Our website isn't serving our customers or our stores very well. So we're making major changes. Including going with a different way to handle online shoppers. We'll send another email with details on that once everything is ready to roll.

We're adding more gear, gifty things, and gadgety gizmos to our product mix.
Toys and games will always be at the heart of our operation. But we know that broadening our product mix to include things like lunch bags, Chew Beads, Mighty Wallets, and fiddly items will help draw a larger crowd.

Not smooth sailing...  Yet.

We're still facing some challenges. And they aren't impossible to overcome-- they're just going to need more work and a team effort.

Moving our Edwardsville location wasn't cheap.
And it happened at a slower time of year for us. So the expenses of that have eaten into our cash flow. The good news is that sales are slightly up for the store compared to this time last year. But then there was Clayton...

The Clayton store hasn't hit it's stride yet.
It opened almost a year ago, but the hoopla of that was quickly overwhelmed by the decision to close our Fairview Heights store. And then there was the bank. And then Edwardsville moved. So poor little Clayton hasn't received as much attention as it needed in it's first year. And that is a major reason for its less-than-stellar performance. We are putting more effort into meeting our neighbors, introducing ourselves to schools and civic organizations, and becoming active in the community.

And we're a little short of our Sales Goals overall...
Even with Edwardsville performing better than expected, we're a little short of where we need to be at this point in the year.

Summing it up:

We are in a good position that will only become better if we have a really strong Holiday season. With everyone's support, we know we can make it!

The target of $45 a month in purchases until the end of the year works out to $180 in Holiday shopping. So bring us your lists, try to stump us with your grumpy uncles and sullen teens. We've got the goods to crack 'em up when they open their gifts. That we wrapped for you. For free.

End result: You'll go down in family lore as the bestest gift-giver of all.

We know we couldn't be here without you. And we treasure the relationships we have with you and your children. We are always grateful that we're a part of your playful lives.

Thank You, a million-gazillion times.

So now that the grown-up talk is done,
let's shake off the serious and Play On!!!